Military Fiberglass and Composites

Composite Engineering Design, Inc. (CED), manufactures and supplies fiberglass and composite parts and components to the Defense and Military industries. We offer design and engineering of parts, bonding together of components, painting, stenciling, and final assembly services. Quality control and on-time delivery schedule is our highest priority.

ITAR Approved

Aerospace Fiberglass and Composites

Composite Engineering Design, Inc. (CED), provides design and fabrication services of complex composite parts, component bonding, painting, and complete assemblies. Quality control and on-time delivery is our highest priority.
fiberglass and composites design and engineering

Engineering and Design

At CED, we utilize the latest, state-of-the-art engineering tools and technology to achieve the tightest tolerances and ensure the highest success rates for your products.  Our tools include:

  • CAD / CAM
  • CNC Machining
  • Laser Scanning
fiberglass and composites services


CED offers an array of services to meet your fiberglass and composites product specifications and requirements.

  • Hand Layup
  • Vacuum Bagging
  • Oven Curing
  • Resin Infusion
  • Bonding of Parts and Components
  • Painting of Military and Aerospace Components
  • Part Marking and Stenciling
  • Plug and Mold Design and Development
  • Parts Design and Engineering
  • Complete Part and Component Assembly
Fiberglass Fabrication - Military CH47 Shroud Assemblies

Portfolio & Image Gallery

CED designs, engineers and manufactures custom high quality components for a wide range of applications. Here are just a few examples of the products and services that we provide for our clients.

About Us

Composite Engineering Design, Inc. is comprised of a skilled team of experts with over 15 years of experience in fiberglass fabrication and the design, development, and manufacture of fiberglass, carbon fiber, and composite parts and components. Over the years, while providing services and products to the military and aerospace sectors, CED has gained a vast amount of experience with Milspec drawings and requirements.

With an emphasis on quality control, we focus on delivering high quality fiberglass and composite components, on schedule, with all required documentation. CED is known throughout the industry for our fast quote turnaround and rapid response to our customers’ needs.

CED Supplies Fiberglass and Composite Components to Boeing
CED is a fiberglass component supplier to BAE
Lockeed Martin Components from CED
Specialty Fiberglass for Northrop Grumman
CED Designed and Engineered Components can be found with FedEx
CED provides composite components to Raytheon