Aerospace Fiberglass and Composites

CED provides fiberglass and composite design, engineering, and manufacturing services to the aerospace industry.

Aerospace Fiberglass and Composite Experience

Aerospace Fiberglass - Aviation Ducting

Aerospace Fiberglass Components – Specialized Aviation Ducting Manufactured by CED

CED has extensive experience with aerospace fiberglass and composites. We have produced parts and components for both civilian and military sectors. We produce fiberglass aircraft parts and components that operate in the roles of ground support as well as test equipment and customized interior applications. If your part or component is destined for aviation customers, your fiberglass fabrication partner should already be familiar with FAA requirements and regulations. If they are not, you should be contacting CED. Just some applications for aerospace fiberglass:

  • Housings, Enclosures, and Covers for Electronics Equipment
  • Enclosures for Controls and Interfaces
  • Ducting / Fiberglass Duct Work
  • Antenna Enclosures
  • Fan Shrouds
  • Storage Bins
  • Luggage Racks
  • Interior Panels / Walls / Separators
  • Housings / Enclosures for Ground Support Equipment
  • Couplers for Ground Support Test Equipment / Safety Equipment

…and much more!