Engineering and Design Services

Engineering and Design

We have a wide range of experience in the design, development and production of composite components and assemblies. A design brief can start with a concept given to us by our client, from which we develop (solid model) drawings, prototype part (or complete assembly), pre-production, first article, (PPAP), to full production. In many cases the part has already been completely designed and our task is limited to following the drawing requirements. In all cases we deliver a first article, with all paperwork (raw material data sheets, first article inspection report, Certificate of Conformance, etc.), prior to full production.

Legacy Parts and Recreation

We are often asked to recreate legacy parts for which limited information is available. In some cases the drawings are old and/or incomplete, in other instances the material requirements or material call-outs on the drawing package is outdated, or the company listed for the raw material no longer exists. We work with our customers to solve these problems. This involves research and then updating the raw material requirements or in case of missing dimensions on a legacy drawing we scan in a legacy part, create a solid model with the missing dimensions and submit back for approval.

We work with solid model files such as DXF, DWG, Step files.

Other processes and equipment that we routinely employ; CNC, Laser Scanning, water-jet, DMLS, SLA, and many others.