Fiberglass and Composite Services

Composite Engineering Design, Inc. offers a wide array of fiberglass and composite services and technologies to our customers in order to meet the requirements of their projects. Below is a partial list of the services in which CED excels.  

  • Vacuum Bagging

    Includes vacuum bagging and oven curing of prepreg fiberglass and carbon fiber parts.

  • Hand Layup

    Some parts still require hand layup. Very often, legacy drawings still call out hand layup as the only process.

  • Oven Curing

    Oven curing of prepreg fiberglass and carbon fiber parts. We also oven cure certain milspec paints and the bonding together of components.

  • Resin Infusion

    For parts that require a finish on both sides.

  • Bonding of Parts and Components

    Bonding parts/components together according to milspec requirements. Examples include bonding Viton rubber to titanium. Bonding agent comes in frozen (-80F) and requires vacuum bagging and oven curing.

Fiberglass and Composite Bonding by CED - Missile Launcher Feet Component Bonding Under Heat
  • Painting of Military and Aerospace Components

    Using milspec paints, according to specific process specifications (p.s).

  • Part Marking and Stenciling

    On request, as per process specifications  (p.s.).  Military and Aerospace applications have exacting specifications and standards that must be met for all painting and stenciling callouts.  Don’t have your parts or components fail acceptance due to inaccurate coloring, stencil bleed, font sizing or other factors; let CED handle your painting and stenciling needs.

Military Painting and Stenciling by CED - Ground Support Equipment for Military Aircraft
  • Plug and Mold Design and Development

    To drawing requirements, but also reverse engineering of existing parts and components. We can reverse engineered legacy components, and mirror imaged these components to create lhs/rhs parts and components.

  • Parts Design and Engineering

    We offer the design and engineering of parts and components from concept to production. We work primarily with IGIS, DXF and STEP file formats. We can convert legacy 2-d formats into solid models.

  • Complete Part and Component Assembly

    Component assembly: including rivets, nut plates, internal wiring, painting, bonding, light assembly, etc.

  • Repair

    Repair of fiberglass and carbon fiber parts. Cracked components, cracked gel coat, worn parts.

  • Metalizing of composites

    Nickel plating of fiberglass parts and components.