Fiberglass and Composite Bonding Services

Project: Bonding, Swing Joint

Application: Military Aircraft

Process: Etched Teflon Pads Bonded To Anodized Aluminum Parts Using EA 934 Adhesive

This bonding project consisted of bonding Etched Teflon pads to aluminum parts using a specific, specialized cleaning and bonding procedure that precisely followed the customer supplied Process Specifications and guidelines. The pads were quite small, as was the bonding surface, which made the project very challenging. The units were delivered packaged and ready for installation on the aircraft.

Project: Bonding, Titanium, Viton, Missile Launcher Foot

Application: Military Aircraft

Process: Viton Rubber on Titanium .FM73 Adhesive . Vacuum oven cured.

This project consisted of designing, fixturing, and cutting to produce the Viton pads required for the bonding process. Units were grouped together for processing and specialized grit blasting, priming, and vacuum oven curing. Peel strength testing was required to ensure conformity to customer specifications. The the final assemblies were packaged and shipped, ready to install on the aircraft.

Project: Bonding Screen Into Cap

Application: Military Aircraft

Process: Tra-Bond 342-3.5™ Adhesive. Bonding Aluminum Screen Into Stainless Steel Cap

This was a challenging bonding project using a frozen, room temperature cured adhesive to bond a small aluminum mesh disc into a stainless steel cap. Customer supplied parts and process specifications were used to produce the assemblies. All bonding was done under magnification due to the small size of the parts and the precision required for proper positioning of the bond. The parts were delivered complete and ready to install.

* Tra-Bond 342-3.5 is a trademark of Tra-Con Inc.